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Lennie Hicks Jr. : The Emotional State of [This] Black Man…Only Because I’ve Never Been White.

First of all, ain’t no emotions, bih.


That one sentence could be the end of my piece,

Kurtis Spivey: [Not My] Father, Husband, Black Man.

As black men, we are not taught how to love. Constantly told to “man up” and deprived of a safe space to express our emotions because any emotion that isn’t powered by aggression shows weakness.

A Woman’s Place: The Groceries. By: Anonymous (Rated R)

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For years, I was the private friend. Cautious about sharing my experiences, desires, and interests when it came to erotic pleasure.

Generational Wealth Begins With YOU

If Millenials know anything… we know  struggle! While prior generations shame us for being “entitled”, “spoiled” and “having it easy”,

Black Owned Tings for Queens & Kings

The New Year is approaching and we know what time it is. It’s the ‘New Year, New Me’ flow. It’s –you’re gonna save more money,

THE GIRL WHO [deadass] CRIED WOLF [because you chose not to protect her anyway].

Janay returned from spending a day at the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Attendance at the circus was the staple of  spring-time fun and Janay had begged her dad to take her for over two months.

i95 Goodbyes

Last night,

for the thousandth time in 2,125 days

spirits temporarily departed after three days of what felt like a lifetime of love.

Pick Your Poison by Shannon R.

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How Do You Define Love?

Lend Us A Gem…

Have you ever done shrooms?

I Needed Space So I Took A Break… From Church. (Feat. Queen Lioness)

“Millenials are too logical for western religion.” (Me. 2017)

Cute line to start this piece with,


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Mystic being,

I’m mesmerized by your magic. I’ve literally spent my whole life feeling torn between
the desire and disbelief of a feeling so genuine and pure.