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Pick Your Poison by Shannon R.

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How Do You Define Love?

Lend Us A Gem…

Have you ever done shrooms? LSD? Me either… well, sort of. Do you know the chemical reaction these sorts of drugs have on your brain? I’ve been in love a few times; that’s the closest I’ve come to that kind of high. I cheated on all of them though, with myself, and found a high I never knew existed. “Love” is defined as an intense feeling of deep affection, but Samuel Johnson must never have experienced my kind of Love. Love isn’t an action, it just is. What empowers me? Knowing that I’m so full of love that I could light the darkness in any lover, friend or enemy– casting shadows on the parts of them that they won’t admit exists within themselves. Knowing that, I’m capable of offering the type of freedom you experience when you feel invincible, right before jumping out of a plane. The type of ethereal strength a mother finds when her child is trapped under a car.

Yea, that type.

Unconditional love is an oxymoron. Love can only be unconditional, and if it is conditional it isn’t love.

Love is a place of past expectations and conditions, where you meet your truest self and chill by a still lake. The most comfortable silence, with nowhere else you’d rather be because you’re already everywhere. Love is perfectly placed synchronicities. Love is the knowing. The knowing you possess that tells you how connected you are to everything that’s beautiful about this world. The knowing that nags at you, revealing that you and your favorite flower share similar D.N.A. You knew you were enticed by that feeling for a reason. You’re flexible and receiving like water. Visible and searing like fire, you dance. Like air you may sting, but also soothe. Like earth’s galaxies you’re magnetic— drawing your wildest dreams to you… plus a little extra.

Love means sustaining boundaries set for the highest good of all involved. That’s true freedom. I’ve never experienced more openness and vulnerability than when my love was tested. I have never comprehended more wisdom than when love guided me like an intuitive global positioning system. I have never experienced more strife than when I operated against love.

Have you ever just burst into tears of gratitude? Praying as often just to say “Thank You” as you do when you’re asking for guidance? That’s Love. It isn’t a forehead kiss or a back rub after a long day. It isn’t sticking around and forgiving someone who has hurt you. It’s not picking up their favorite candy “just because”. And it damn sure isn’t sharing your mind, body or soul with them. Those are just things we do in love’s name. Love inspires me to be everything good, bad, and otherwise because love is all encompassing. If you’re not feeling everything then it can’t be love.

Love Is God.

What’s more empowering than that?

Love or Fear is all that exists.

Pick your poison.


I Love You,

Shannon R.


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