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I Needed Space So I Took A Break… From Church. (Feat. Queen Lioness)

“Millenials are too logical for western religion.” (Me. 2017)

Cute line to start this piece with, and nah I’m not citing a research reference. I’m out here making hypotheses. I would like to clarify that I am not speaking for all millennials. (Please don’t shoot me for my generalization, friends). Nevertheless, I’ve spoken with peers, colleagues, cohort who have expressed feelings of lost and guilt when admitting their feelings about stepping away from the dogma of Christianity. So just a generalization, but what is a fact is… I left. It’s been almost five years. I’m not sure if I really left or if religion and I are “on a break”; but within this break I have been seeing other people and exploring my own and others’ souls and spirituality. In my search for…. [I don’t know what I’m looking for], I’ve ran across Kings and Queens establishing their place and practicing more traditional spiritual methods of praise and connection with their Higher Selves and/or a Higher Being.


Old School Baptist and Pentecostal saints will GAG at this


Queen Lioness

The creator and owner of Black Obsidian: The Inner G Healing Shop.


“ I am a Goddess with knowledge of self and just

an overall lover. For those who are in to astrology and horoscopes,

I am a Cancer Sun, Rising Sag and Moon in Leo…

That should tell you a lot. LOL”


First and foremost, thank you for being open to blessing my platform with your dopeness!

I am so flattered you wanted to feature me! Thank you again.

My pleasure! So to begin, what religion were you raised in?

Christianity. Lonnnggggggg ago! Lol

Haha! So you left?

Yes. Denounced. I don’t agree with a lot of it. However, I do respect and live by a few of the teachings from not only Christianity but other religions as well.

From my own experience, when I mention my own disconnect from Christianity to the elders in my family the reaction I get often times prevents me from further explaining opposition. Has your light ever been dimmed by stigma or societal ignorance? Are you always open to sharing your beliefs with others?

I am 100% open to sharing my beliefs. If anything I think this generation is much more open to hearing my beliefs and those like it. I don’t think my light has been dimmed at all. My light cannot be dimmed. I just send the ignorant off with love if they aren’t willing to get to know me and my beliefs. You don’t have to agree but you will respect me.

I took this super informal survey. My past research professors would cringe. Many millennials shared that they believe they are too logical for western religion? Do you?

Yes, in a way. That was the reason I separated from the church in the very beginning. As I gained knowledge of self it became more of a spiritual thing. More about depending on myself. Believing in myself.

For you, did denouncing Christianity equate “denouncing God”?

I believe in a higher power. I’m not 100% sure who he/she/it is. However, I do believe the universe favors me and is always working in my favor. As a Christian, I didn’t know what God looked like either. I know I felt empowered. I felt woke [lol]. I felt infinite. I felt no restraints. I felt good and not guilty when I praised myself for my work ethic and my actions that produced powerful results.

So you’ve encompassed your spirituality and your profession into one! Do tell, Queen!

My spiritual role is a Lightworker/Indigo, and what I like to call myself: A Humble Healer. My soul’s purpose on this earth, in this dimension, is to be a healer. That can mean a lot of different things. I believe heavily in being an overall healing presence because that in itself is healing alone. As a lightworker, I attract those needing help. I am extremely sensitive to energy. I thrive off of helping people as I feel compelled. I am also concentrating in herbal studies to help heal in a literal sense.

My professional title would be Health & Wellness Coach. I focus on the overall health & wellness of my client whether it be mentally, physically, emotionally or all of the above. I develop plans to help the client take charge of his/her health & wellness and sustain life changing behavior.

Define “healing presence”. You used this phrase and it sparked my interest!

There are quite a few qualities that cultivate a healing presence: non judging, patient, beginners mind, trust, non-striving, acceptance, letting go, generosity and compassion (self-compassion). In order to have a healing presence, one must possess those qualities in some form. Having a healing presence inspires self-healing in others. I preach to my clients that they are the experts on themselves, I am only here to aid and help stimulate the process that you ultimately start and complete. A healing presence can mean literal as far as bedside manner or more on the spiritual realm. I relate more on the spiritual realm as what I do is geared more to my client’s spiritual well-being. I believe once you have that covered and “mastered” everything else becomes a cake walk.

In previous discussion between you and I, you mentioned that you feel other’s pain. To what extent do these feelings exist and what do you do with that energy once it’s detected?

When I was younger, I realized that I may be just a little bit different than my peers. I would walk in a room and feel an overwhelming rush of emotions, sensations etc. It wasn’t until I reached high school that I was able to realize that I was actually feeling other people’s emotions and pain. I would get around my grandmother and feel all types of physical pain. Pain that she would mention after the fact. I would get around strangers and even friends and family and feel their emotions, to what they would admit to later. I wasn’t able to pinpoint exactly what was happening until I met with another Light worker more advanced and a lot older than myself. She was able to put the pieces together for me but yes it’s really complex yet simple. I feel other people’s pain and emotions.

What is your practice and what do your spiritual rituals consists of?

I am a big meditator! I meditate everywhere, all the time and anytime. I do deep meditations in what I like to call Goddess Baths (Epsom salts, essential oils, flowers, candles) being a water sign… its only right. I am fully submerged in my element and most vulnerable there.

I am also a tarot reader. This came as no surprise to me but even still, I am a bit taken aback by my accuracy. I use the cards to confirm what I already feel.

Most would refer to me as their own personal spiritual advisor. I love that title too.

What influenced you to seek holistic health? What’s your dealings in metaphysical healing/health?

I became interested in holistic health after being introduced to its benefits through my dad. My dad was obese with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, developed gout and a plethora of other issues, when he started practicing holistic health. After seeing the benefits and how holistic health improved the quality of his life, I decided to research and ultimately pursue an education in it.

I use crystals, stones and spiritual cleanses for metaphysical healing. My understanding of metaphysical health is this, many stones and crystals have a specific purpose when it comes to healing. I believe that using them in conjunction with other metaphysical practices like chakra cleansing/aligning, reiki, acupuncture etc can have a tremendous life changing affect.

What’s your go-to gemstone? Why?

My favorite stone is Black Obsidian (hence my business name and name on social media) Black Obsidian is formed from molten lava that cooled quickly.

This stone is one of those truth tellers! This stone is not a beginner’s stone and can, if used without proper knowledge, evoke some deep emotions and trigger a break down. Black Obsidian helps bring forth past traumas that may have been swept under the rug. Black Obsidian has a strong healing energy so although it brings up past trauma and forces you to confront it, it also helps bring about change. It can be quite uncomfortable to work with Black Obsidian because of its strength. However, if you are a truth seeker like myself and willing to confront those uncomfortable issues, its life changing. Apache tears is another form of obsidian and is a lot calmer and not as aggressive. Mahogany obsidian is another one. I believe I have some of the same qualities as Black Obsidian, especially as healer. I will address those uncomfortable situations in order to you work through them and ultimately heal from them.

Besides traditional learning, where/how have you attained your knowledge. I would assume healing powers are passed down through ancestral/spiritual channels. What’s your experience with this?
I was lucky enough to be referred to someone who would later become my spiritual advisor and almost like a spiritual mom to me. She was able to help me identify my gift, learn how to control my gift and how to use it. I believe my great grandmother may have been a light worker however she passed before we were able to have the discussion. However, I feel her around me ALL THE TIME. I feel like once I became aware of my gift, she felt comfortable lingering around.


“I believe that spirituality unfortunately has become a trend. I don’t think people are really putting forth the energy to practice what they preach as much as they put in the energy to “look like it.”


As our brothers and sisters plan their exodus from the dogma of religion and seek a place where their spirits feel reverenced, welcomed, and guilt free, what advice do you extend?

My advice would be to trust yourself. You have all the answers you need now. Sometimes what you don’t know isn’t what you need to know right away. You’re the expert on you. I would tell them to do everything with love and be mindful of what you say and do. Treat others with compassion and be empathetic but not naïve. Self-care practices are extremely important. Most importantly, show yourself compassion. Speak to yourself in a kind and loving way. There will be obstacles that you will have to overcome. Feel the emotion, acknowledge it and let it pass. You are powerful, the universe works for you—not against you, and you will win! Trust yourself.

Thank you, Queen. I love you!

 Does your logic surpass religion? Am I trippin’? Let me know in the comment section below.

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2 Responses
  • Lennie Hicks
    November 13, 2017

    Great read! Great writing! I appreciate you, Jah!

  • Hamsa
    November 14, 2017

    ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿I’m certain this helped a lot of people out who may be riding the fence with this issue. I have a few friends who will be reading this article, who are dealing with this now. This article was on point and very relevant .

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