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• Humorous • Honest • Artistic Provocateur •
Magical • Moody • Psycho but, Therapist •

A city girl… with thought and reflection that, from a young age, soared beyond the skyscrapers and high rises of her megacity. In some ways, these buildings served as an obstruction to urban youth’s ability to expand cogitation beyond the grand exhibition of lights and “action”. As inlets and outlets, we turned to our immediate community resources– the barbershop narratives, public housing playground debates and corner store chronicles- to gain access to information within our culture we didn’t know existed.

Disclaimer: Suburban friends, fret not. GemsForTheCulture welcomes you.

It is our own virtual representation of the homely barbershop, nail salon or bodega. No topic is of disinterest or taboo. A place we can all link up, in spite of our geographical and ethnic differences, to unite in heart, mind and laughter. As a creative writer, I sought a space to explore life, love, health, diversity and Negrology.

/ˈnēɡrō äləjē/
“The study of all things of total or partial ancestry from
any of the black racial groups of Africa. (i.e. history,
culture, language/ dialects, successes, practices, belief
systems, etc.)”


Come get these GEMS, family! I got them spewing from my pen. Oh, and my friends got GEMS too! Dishing all the vulnerabilities, tips, angers, happies, lusties, talents. You name it!

They’ve finally provided us a platform where we can talk our shit;

where the ethos of intelligent millennials prevail.


May the odds forever be in the world’s favor.


“The Girl Next Door… to the Bodega.”



All Photos by Morgan McGill